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Dec 26, 2012 9:00pm PST
are losing the debate on the fiscal cliff. this is obama's economy. let the president and the democrats own it and own the national debt. own the defense cut. instead, boehner and the gang allow the president to star in his own superhero film. he will cut the hawaiian vacation short and come back to save us mere mortal from the fiscal cliff. winning the optics war and winning it big. juan, how did you get the ball back from the republicans? they had it. this was obama's economy, his face calf cliff. now boehner fails on the vote and next thing you know, the ball is in your court. >> juan: i think you are right. i think boehner at the moment looking weaker. he is out of this altogether at the moment. his troops abandoned him. he is okay keeping the speaker on january 3 when the republican caucus vote but you are hearing rumors about eric cantor who is next to him launching some kind of a coop at the moment. i don't know where it goes. but it seems that he is in a position where the republicans in the senate and the white house are really the ones who will negotiate the deal. you have ten or 19 in the senate. will he have a vote? >> eric: 32 bills pa
FOX News
Dec 28, 2012 12:00am PST
the bush tax cuts have been lost since what? twun and 2003? seems that if the president fiscal cliff, you guys pass a bill. he hasn't done in three years. they can pass in the senate give it to the president, then nobody's taxes are going to go up. prices averted then, they candlg spend time after the new year negotiating tax reform, รง spending and living within our means. why don't they just do that? >> well, they could. if they want to demonize the house. without doing anything, in the way of legislating. and sean, if you look back at ceiling bill back a year and a half ago had a super committee. you and i knew it wasn't going to work. one of our republican senators made up a pro pose yl to raise taxes and two senate democrats reported to have said wow. this is a break through. we can get a deal now. we'll be able to work this they go talk to president obama and hairy reid, come back to say, sorry we're not atloud work the deal. they didn't want to deal then. they don't want a deal now. it worked out well for them not to allow a deal last time. they blamed us last year. them and i
FOX News
Dec 27, 2012 6:00pm PST
, harry reid hasn't pass add a budget. they have been in control the whole time. this fiscal cliff was predictable. we knew this was going to happen two years ago. and don't forget, these are the bush-obama tax cuts. all the president needs to do is actually propose some spending cuts. i think with geithner's admission that the debt ceiling will be burst through on december 31st clearly shows it's a problem. it's time to cut spending, not for now but future generations that have to pay this off. >> it seems to me, congressman gohmert, the bush tax cuts have been law since 2001-2003. it seems if the president doesn't want to go over the fiscal cliff, you guys pass the bill, harry reid could do something he hasn't done in over three years, pass it in the senate, give it to the president, and nobody's taxes are going to go up, crisis averred and then they can spend team after the new year negotiating tax reform, entitlement reform, living within our means. why don't they just do that? >> well, they could, but they want to demonize the house. they want to pontiff indicate without actually doing anything in the way of legislating. sean, if you look back at the history, the deficit ceiling bill back a year
FOX News
Dec 26, 2012 6:00pm PST
options going over the fiscal cliff and not going over the fiscal cliff in my opinion are losers and that leads to the big lie. when the fiscal cliff preposition was made it was supposed to be bad for both sides. but remember high taxes and defense cuts, that's a democrat's sweet 16 party. they love that stuff. so saying there is all that damage is like saying sardine and milk is bad for cats. they will love this. and that shows how the democrats really pranked the republicans. the democrats are so good at politics. politics to them is like inmates making shivs. they do it all day. when it's the end of the day they can stab you and republicans are going what just happened to me? i just got stabbed! that's what they do for a living. they are good at politics. >> according to the wall street journal on thursday boehner offered $600 billion or $800 billion in revenue increases and obama said those don't count, those are mine. what's up with that? >> what the president is talking about is three times that in terms what have he wanted for revenue increases. they are saying we will give you a third of that, and you know what, you have to count this as something we are giving you it negotiate with and so you have to give us something for it. the pr
FOX News
Dec 29, 2012 12:00am PST
more anal list on the fiscal cliff showdown, we welcome bill cunningham and joe trippi. gentlemen, welcome back to "hannity." >> sean: how is it possible the president only wanted $800 billion in cuts during the campaign and now wants almost double that and the president in this meeting today stayed on the original position when keeps lecturing america about a balanced approach. he hasn't moved an iota, an inch. how is that bald? balanced? his way tore the highway? >> he moved a lot. he moved to 400,000 as the top -- >> sean: no, he hasn't. i talked to people in the meeting today. people in the meeting today say he stayed right by his position of $250,000 and didn't back off an inch today. >> first of all, i wasn't in the room and you weren't in the room. i haven't talked to people who were in the room. publicly he has said that he has offered $400,000. but the problem is boehner couldn't even get the house caucus his house caucus to support it at a million. so we can talk about what -- and the president's offer has talked about change cpi which democrats are appalled that he has put on the table but he put that on the table in the past. >> sean: appalling. >> there has been considerable
FOX News
Dec 31, 2012 6:00pm PST
second fiscal cliff battle that washington will deal with and that is over the debt ceiling. explain that for folks who may not be following it. >> exactly. and you are right to point that out because these are two more battles really colliding with one another. kicking the can down the road, both parties on the sequester. two months from now we back here dealing with again whether or not they can come up with more spending cuts, more tax increases according to how the president is now saying it, he is saying it should be a split. he said that earlier at his event here that was criticized by republicans for looking like a campaign rally, looking like he was doing a victory lap. they deny that here and say the president was just rehe stating his principles here but he said this should be split between more are revenue and more spending cuts not just spending cuts. that is going to be controversial with republicans as you know. in two months they have to come back and buy down more of the sequester and shut it down more with more cuts and maybe more tax increases number one. number two as y
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)